Deputy Director of Public Safety

 Mike Koob

Mike Koob

Mission Statement
It is the Mission of the Richfield Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the community to improve their quality of life.

Core Values
The men and women of the Richfield Police Department are committed to successfully accomplishing this mission with courage, integrity and hard work. These three values are uncompromising and will guide and inspire officers while serving the citizens of Richfield.

Finally, our mission statement provides the foundation upon which all operational decisions and organizational policies are based. To effectively achieve these stated goals, Police Department operations are managed by the Deputy Director of Public Safety and three police lieutenants responsible for the different divisions within the department.

If you would like to comment on an officer’s good work or file a concern regarding an officers conduct; please contact Deputy Director of Public Safety Mike Koob at:
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