Snow Emergency Parking Restrictions
A Snow Emergency automatically is in effect once two inches of snow has fallen.  Once two inches of snow has fallen on street parking is prohibited until the streets have been plowed curb to curb.  Vehicles in violation may be ticketed and/or towed.

1305.13. - Snow removal.
Subdivision 1. Snow emergency parking restrictions. After a snowfall of two (2) inches or more and/or upon the declaration of a snow emergency by the City manager or a designee, no person shall stop, stand, park or leave any vehicle or permit it to stand upon any street or highway. Lawful parking may be resumed on such streets or highways only after the snow has been removed or plowed curb to curb. (Amended, Bill No. 1996-20) 

If your car is towed please call Chiefs Towing at 952-888-2201

It is illegal to place your trash or recycling can in the street, alley, or on the sidewalk.  The cans interfere with plowing, sweeping, and become a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.  Please keep your trash cans behind the curb and off of the street and sidewalk!

Richfield's snowplow crews try to clear the streets as quickly as possible after a snowfall so that driving is safer and easier for everyone.  High volume "minor arterial roads" are plowed first, then neighborhood "collector" streets.  The City also plows City-owned sidewalks and parking lots.

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